September 08, 2007

Summer 2007

It's been a good summer.

Our little Al Bundy

Here he was playing with his ball, saw the camera, lunged for it, and...

...took his very first picture. This is true.

"Papa, seriously man, why do you let her put me in these outfits?"

My two favorite people in the world

A rare family portrait, on the ferry to Block Island

Yup, he's still got those dimples

And yup, he still likes to show them off

Tired Bubbers

Now where are his newspaper and pipe?

Taking after his mama, Damian can sleep anywhere in any position

Bubber foot

Somewhere on Newport, I took a picture I love

Behind the Breakers mansion, enjoying the day

Did you notice we dressed hims as "Newporty" as we could? We're awesome.

Bad picture of Damian, but notice how he has pushed our Sam Francis print askew in the background? And I like Hoang in this shot for some reason.

Enjoying the mister at our backyard spa

Uh-oh. This was the last time we left the Cheerios near the floor.

You can't see it, but he's talking on his baby cell phone

He's getting closer...

One of all time favorite pictures...

And another...

and another...

and another...

Until next time!
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