March 03, 2007

One Year Old. Really? Already?

Time sure has been flying here in Connecticut. Since the last Damian entry, we've celebrated a New Years, a Tet (Chinese New Years), a Valentine's Day, and MLK Day, A President's Day, A Boxing Day... oh yeah, and a First Birthday!

Back on January 25, Master Bubbers turned 1 with a bang. We kept it a small affair with just family and a few friends - which was good because it still kept Damian from a nap and well, he's just not so fun to be around without his sleep. Reminds me of his mother sometimes! Ha!

Enjoy the photos - This time, as seen through the mind of Damian.

Lie down, put your feet up, get comfortable with me. There are lots of pictures!

You better get serious too, like I do when I read. Here I am reading "Olivia" by Ian Falconer. Mama and Papa's friend Caroline got me a signed copy for Christmas, even though I've never had the chance to meet her yet. Thanks, Caroline!

Just hitchin' up my pants to show off my cool shoes.

I figure the fake smile will keep them away after just one picture.

Yawn... nope.

Back in mid January, I only had 2 little baby teeth. Back then, brushing them was fun too.

I'm growing a tail here. Heh heh.

I dig my coat, but I still hate not being able to chew on my fingers.

Broccoli? What kid likes stinkin' Broccoli?

No kid I know. But we ALL like making messes!

And speaking of making messes, when Mama was away at a conference for work, Papa had to bathe me for the second time in his life. (He does everything else though... I swear.) Anyway, he did pretty good with the toys and the shampooing and stuff, but I figured I'd make it interesting...

Ahahhaha ahahahaah, yep, that's what you think it is! The really funny part is that I've NEVER done this to Mama! aaaahhhahahhaha!

Just before my birthday, my Grandmom and Granddad came up to CT. This made me very happy.

Almost as happy as when I saw the cake Grandmom baked and decorated. My word, that's nice. And delicious!

Oxford shirt, pinstriped pants... man am I handsome or what?!

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday to me...

Happy Birthday dear Me-ee...

Happy Birthday to me.

Now let me eat some cake already.

Here I am, stuck in traffic on the way to work, listening to another NPR fund drive.

NPR Fund Drives make me cRaZy! Let's get to the presents.

Wait. I thought presents were supposed to make me feel good about myself. The Flyers?! Gee, thanks Uncle Ron.

Hmmm, the tag says this is off-the-rack. Take it back.

Uhh, um, I don't know how to say this, but I don't see designer labels on all of these...

Sigh. I don't know what these people expect me to wear in public.

Still relaxed with your feet up? Good, me too...even when I sleep.

Look at that! I suddenly got 4 more teeth up top!

Stephen Colbert hates this shirt, but I still like him.

Oh how he cracks me up.

I'm cute here of course, but I look like a girl.

Time to ride the zebra.

You didn't believe me when I said "zebra" did you?

Toilet paper + time + inattentive papa = lots of fun.

I prefer to call this "volume" and nothing else.

Ok, in this post you saw me grow 4 teeth, 4 lbs and what my mama says feels like 40 pounds! What else? No more blue eyes! See you in a couple months...

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