December 31, 2006

But... It's Eleven!

The excitement of the holidays continued after the Thanksgiving trip to Delaware. For December 25th was not only Damian's first Christmas, but his 11-month "birthday" as well. I've come to realize that 99% of you skip whatever I write and go straight to the photos. So that coupled with the fact that I'm late with this and I am otherwise occupied, this is my Christmas gift to you: Minimal words, just pictures and captions. Enjoy!

Why does he look like he did something wrong?

Why does he look like he did something right?

Why does he look like his father thought it would be funny to dress him in conflicting stripes?

All 3 of us (Hoang, Bubby, and me) have decided baby winter coats are too much hassle.

Enjoying the trains at the Connecticut River Museum

OooooOOOooOooo! I see the Static Monster!

AaaaAAAaaaAAAAaa! Look at that staticky hair!

Not exactly happy about the whole mitten thing.

But he loves his biter bisquits

And he loves his "Hungry Caterpillar!

And he loves his new sweater!

Because he really loves his 2 new little baby teeth!

Our first Christmas pose attempt - wearing a too-big sweater that my Granny knitted for me 33 years ago. Seriously.

Yeah, that's right buddy. I'm 34 years old. Stop laughing.

Ok, you could at least smile when posing with me. Oh wait...

You're just bummed YOU'LL have to wear a shirt and tie to work someday, huh?

On to the good Christmas poses.

He looks like he should speak with a British accent

After the 15th or so shot, someone found the ornaments behind him. Photo session: Over.

And here I thought Hoang and I had very stimulating dinner conversation.

Here's another one of those pictures he'll hate in a few years.

He absolutely hates hats on his head, so the fact he fell asleep like this cracked us up after Christmas Eve dinner at Mama and Papa T's.

But he revived enough to take this picture with his beautiful Mom. Christmas was only HOURS away!

Yay! Christmas!

Carefully inspecting more loot.

Carefully inspecting the inside of his nose

This is what a picture from a high-end digital camera looks like. Hoang's brother Duc took this shot of our Christmas brunch spread - the highlights included Maryland blue crab backfin quiche, waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, fried potatoes, shrimp cocktail, eggs with smoked salmon... on and on and all homemade.

Yay! Christmas! Part two!

Yawn! Christmas! It was a long day.

Here we are, all dressed up for the big day. Actually, my t-shirt IS special, which you can see by clicking on the picture.

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