August 26, 2006

7th Month Heaven

You know how when there's some life experience that is new to you and everyone you know (and don't know) offers all sorts of advice and homey tales about said life experience? Things like, "New house, new baby" (ahem)? Well, the whole, "You won't believe how fast time flies when you have a child" thing is bearing itself out - as do most of those non-superstitious things, so Besetting Vice readers Leah-New-House-in-Chicago-New-Baby-on-the-Way, Jen-Relatively-New -House-New-Baby-on-the-Way, and Mel-Relatively-New-House-New-Baby-on-the-Way, take heed and good luck in the coming months. It's awesome.

Summer bore down on us here in New England during Damians 7th month and we suffered through several brutal days. But it never hit 100 degrees and we survived, though we certainly learned that he hates hot weather and often wondered what our parents did back in the pre-AC in cars days with babies.

Aside from the heat, it was a very exciting month for Damian. He met our friends Marni and Sean up from Hoboken, Hoang's cousin David in from Portland, Oregon, he went to yet another party at Kevin and Becky's where he was a perfect angel again. He really has no problem "meeting" new people and still just sort of soaks in the scene for a while. A bunch of Hoang's girlfriends passed him around all afternoon and aside from a couple complaints about the heat and the diaper, he made us proud. I stopped counting how many, "You're so lucky you don't even know"'s. (To be fair, most of those women have 1-3 year old kids who are certainly apt to get into more trouble than our immobile Bubby.)

After the Kevin and Becky shindig, we went for broke and took him to his first Irish Fest in Glastonbury. This 3 day fest is usually a drunken bacchanalia - but we were there with the sun up still so it was far more subdued and family friendly. Once again, our boy just chilled and even enjoyed the passing rain shower while friends Wendy and Rob met him for the first time.

Later in the month my parents visited from Delaware to spend some quality time with their grandson. (Since so many of you ask - this is the 3rd time they've seen him and Damian is their 4th grandchild.) It was nice for them to see him finally smiling and showing his funny little personality. Up until that point, only Mama T, Hoang, and I could get him to smile on cue. That barrier was finally broken by my mom (and Nguyet, my sister-in-law as well).

While Grandmom and Granddad were here, Bubby finally decided he'd like to roll over from his fat belly. Once he got over that hurdle, he couldn't stop rolling all over the place. He also began sitting up much better and generally being a bit more physically active. Sure, he's still a little behind the so-called average, but as of this writing now (8/27), he's catching up fast. And besides, even if he was lacking in some way, he'd be able to get through life on his looks alone. Am I right ladies?

It's nice now that Hoang and I never fear taking him out with us anywhere anymore as he's usually very content. For his 7-month birthday, we took the day off from work and drove out to our friend Laura's house in Narragansett for his first beach experience. Too bad the weatheridiots were horribly wrong as usual and it rained all afternoon. We still had fun at the house, but Bubby was upset about missing the beach. (If the rain weren't enough, the windy sixty degrees wasn't so much fun either. Ahhhh, New England in August.)

On our way home, we stopped in Westbrook, CT to eat at Bill's, supposedly, "the best seafood on this or any other planet." Now, I suppose if you're some rube from Cheyenne on vacation in New England you may think this. Being the food snobs we are, I'll just say, "It was alright." Wicked overpriced and overrated, but alright. But we certainly had fun, as we always do with Damian, as you'll see below.

"Why hello there cutest baby in the world! What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Please, please, no pictures. I've yet to comb my hair."

"Hmmm, what shall I do today? Perhaps I'll change into my UConn gear and help Papa barbeque some chicken."

"Now don't put the sauce on the chicken until the end of the cooking process, or else the sugars will carmelize and you don't want that, Papa, you don't want that."

'S' is for "Stickng my whole hand in my mouth."

True story about this picture: This past month when someone on my team at work was feeling down or stuck on a problem, I sent them this picture. And then they realized they didn't have it so bad. My poor Bubby.

All wrapped up. What's underneath there?

It's Damian's new Bumbo chair!

"I say, Mama, I'm quite stuck in this thing. Why does that make you laugh?"

"And you, Papa, with the poison ivy on your arm AGAIN?! When will you learn?"

"Looking at Grandmom and Granddad and the picture of my dad just above this, I guess I can expect the gray hair too, huh?"

"Ah well, for now I'll just enjoy my mama styling my nice brown hair-do."

"Back in this chair again? At least my hair looks good. What can I play with?"

"I guess I'll play with these things stuck to this leg thing sticking out of this chair thing. But what else can I play with?"

"I can play in one of my exersaucers. With a pair of shorts on my head."

I can play with the keyboard with my dad. zzçßxzx3 QAA1Q3`trft WQQ` --PA"

"And I can play in my Johnny-Jump-Up. Boy this is all so tiring."

"I guess I'll just take nap. While standing up... I don't care."

After a long rainy day in Narrangansett, We still had fun at dinner

The Happy Fried Scallop Dance

Locked in on the oyster crackers. In fairness to my always beautiful wife, I'm sure she'd like me to remind you again that these pictures were taken after a long, rainy day.

Locked in on the New England Clam Chowder. But is he ready to eat? We tested him first:

Contine on to the Eighth month!

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