February 11, 2007

The Once Per Week Project Part 3

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Look closely for the monster ducktail at 53 Weeks

Long story short - I was taking a picture of Hoang and didn't even notice the Bubbers at the bottom of the picture. This is that cropped piece, at 54 Weeks.

55 Weeks and 6 teeth!

No more blue eyes at 56 Weeks

Static is a serious problem in our house, but it works for Damian at 57

Driving in the buff at 58 Weeks

Strike a pose at 59 weeks

Meeting a burro at 60 weeks

61 weeks old and a real big shot!

Excited for the tobacco museum tour at 62 weeks

63 weeks old and stylin' for Easter

Where did all these stuffed animals come from? At 64 weeks

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