October 13, 2006

Dumb News

I hate local news. As I'm sure you'll agree, it's no longer about news but only local weather and a bunch of crappy nonsensical stories. As a result, I pretty much never watch it - and on the rare occassions that I do, I invariably find dumb mistakes or otherwise funny stuff. It dawned on my to start collecting them for your enjoyment. So... enjoy:

This one is kind of lame, but the reporter's sad face at the end of her live shot cracks me (and Hoang) up.

Not local news by any stretch, but I caught this and figured you'd enjoy it to. I believe this is called "Injecting personal hatred towards a notorious wench by predicting her horrible early death" and not "news."

Here's a story that makes me angry early in the morning. A LONG piece (I've sped it up) shot in the MTV style about shopping for clothes for your kids. I enjoy the studio lady's intro, because you can tell she's embarrassed about the piece. Kids like clothes in their favorite colors!

One of my favorites; Nothing like some good ol' Live dead kittens in Westbrook.

Fiery Explosion blows up the proper spelling.

This clip pisses me off. A man was murdered and the idiot reporter is interviewing a moron witness. (Please note the drunkard interviewee too.) It's not enough that the jerk witness states that the murder that took place was "really nuttin'" but listen closely and you'll here the reporter chuckle at that comment. Truly pathetic.

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