August 27, 2006

MuseumQuest! Has Begun

So you're too lazy to scroll through the giant list. No problem... here's what we've done:

Visit 1. The Pinchot Sycamore in Simsbury, 9/8/2006
Visit 2. The New Britain Industrial Museum, 10/6/2006
Visit 3a. The Connecticut River Museum, 10/20/2006
Visit 3b. The Connecticut River Museum Part 2, 12/10/2006
Visit 4. Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum, 10/28/2006.
Visit 5. Butler-McCook House and Garden, 12/7/2006
Visit 6. The Edward E. King Museum, 12/13/2006
Visit 7. The Barnes Museum, 12/28/2006

Incomplete Visits
A. Mystic Seaport, 12/10/2006

Many more soon...

MuseumQuest! (The List)
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