August 03, 2006

The Once Per Week Project Part 2

I figure I'll arbitrarily break these up in 1/2 year increments.

(Part One)

First time in a Johnny-Jump-Up at 27 weeks

28 weeks old

Finding hotbuttons I didn't know at 29 Weeks

30 Weeks Old

31 Weeks old in August and in need of a hoodie.

Barely table high while sitting at 32 weeks

Damian - I am your Fah-tharrrr at 33 weeks

34 weeks old

Sleeping at the dinner table at 35 weeks

36 weeks old

Mr. Bed-Head at 37 Weeks

Representing his Vietnamese heritage at 38 Weeks

39 Weeks of baths

What's cookin' at 40 Weeks

It's about time I show him crying at 41 weeks

Bathtime with Jamal at 42 weeks

Rockin' Out at 43 Weeks

44 Weeks old and wearing a Tree Skirt

Enjoying a manicure at 45 weeks

Excited for a new outfit at 46 weeks

Mazel Tov! Happy Hanukkah at 47 Weeks!

Kicking it oldschool at 48 Weeks

Oink Oink at 49 weeks

The hair, the yawn, the sleepy eyes... At 50 Weeks

51 Weeks Old

Still has the dimples at 52 Weeks

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