May 27, 2006

Damian's Backyard Friends

Our little family house is entrenched in Connecticut's vast suburbia. We're only a few miles from the city of Hartford, but we're also only a mile or so from a few large resevoirs/parks, which is nice. We have a little creek in our backyard and it appears my little edge community and gardens are attracting our very own Woodland Critters. I will add more as Damian meets them, but for now, here are his new friends:

This is Toady from last summer.

And here he is now all grows up, found in the very same spot; the herb garden.


Big fat old Racoony!

Porcupiney from the winter!

Baby Rabbity!

Bumblebee-y! Correction: My father emailed immediately to say that this is actually Carpenter Bee-y, not Bumblebee-y.


Dead Waspy!

As you can see, we're well on our way to complete our very own Critter Christmas. Just a few more friends to meet - and I know we'll meet Squirrelly, Chipmunky, Robiny, Chickadee-y, and Froggy. Deery and Beary may be a bit more difficult, but check this out - Beary was seen in the neighborhood a few weeks ago:

(From the Hartford Courant)

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