February 28, 2006

Metacomet Trail

There's a trail here in Connecticut that I've seen signs for and have hiked portions of for years now. The Metacomet Trail is a continuous north-south blue-blazed trail from Meriden in central CT to the Massachusetts state line up in Granby. (It continues on through MA to the summit of Mt. Manodnock just over the border of New Hampshire.) I don't know why, but I'm intrigued by this trail that a) runs about a mile from my house, b) that I've hiked sections of without really knowing, and c) that somehow snakes through some very populous and congested towns that I drive through all the time. Also, I can't find any good pictures/descriptions online about it - it's like someone is telling me to go out there and do it! Okay, not really, but I plan to anyway. I got some trail maps and plan on section hiking it on nice weekends this year with Hoang. I already know that there are long stretches on roads and longer stretches of boringness. But who cares - it passes within mere feet of 50 Cent's house in Farmington! I'm so there.

I've just recently (5/06) checked out the trail terminus in Meriden - only a mile or so from my office. At least there's a nice gas station (to stock up on jerky and gatorade) on the highway where it starts with a whimper. There isn't even a sign.
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