February 25, 2006

Here Come the Grandparents!

One Month "Birthday" Day

See, I told you the next update would be quick in coming. (Again, this is directly attributed to procrastinating on the taxes - funny that in years past I was done them by February. Think it has anything to do with us owing this year for the first time ever?)

On February 25, our little Damian (or "Damiano," as we've taken to calling him for no reason - Must be the Italian in Hoang...) reached his one month "birthday." In my wife's culture (Vietnamese/Chinese/Buddhist) this is a big day. And hey, who am I to quash a celebration?! My parents happened to be visiting over the very same weekend, so it was a big day for everyone.

Damian is the 4th grandchild for both our parents, but the first "local" one for Hoang's parents - and the first "non-local" one for mine. Since I don't remember my pops holding and making googly faces at me, despite the fact that I was the cutest baby ever, it was nice to see him enjoying my son. Especially since when my dad visits my house, he spends every waking minute (and several when he should be sleeping) working on something. The funny thing is, after 4 visits, he's fixed every possible thing there is to fix here. So next time I'm going to have to break something so my dad has something to do.

The morning of the 25th my dad and I got up early and ran a few errands around town. Then Hoang and I took Damian to his little party at his Vietnamese grandparents. I was never fully versed on the goings on - and neither was Hoang - so we just did what we were told to do; which was barely anything. Mama T took our son away and before I knew it, food was being offered to the ancestors and incense was burning and kind words were being said by a couple aunts who were there. 3 minutes and a few pictures later, Damian (Or, Quang Vinh as he is known at my inlaws) was all done. And, apparently, so were we! The giant roast pig was carted off to be chopped up and the incredible feast Mama T prepared over the last two days was divied up into 25 different parcels. Those parcels were put in boxes and My father in law and Quynh then took them around to relatives around Connecticut. Neat, huh?

We stayed at the house and proceeded to eat a MASSIVE meal that Mama "just threw together." Then it was back home and after some rest he took a bath with my mom presiding. What an exciting chock-full day for the little guy! View it all in pictures below.

Hoang: "Awww, Damiano, aren't you so cute, yes you are, yes you are my little handsome man!"
Damian: Yadda-yadda-yadda, sister, now take off your shirt and feed me. Again.


The happy and proud grandparents. And a giant pig.

Quynh suggested making Damian "ride" the pig. That would have been awesome.

"Ehhh, What's up Doc? (Click on the pic - Another new lip feature!)

Le Penser ("Hmmmm... a manger, a dormir, a chier...")

Don't ask us again where Damian got his dimples!

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