February 22, 2006

Count Damian

Weeks Three and Four

What a whirlwind several weeks since I last posted! Damian sat up on 2/10, crawled on Valentine's Day, was walking comfortably by 2/25, and just yesterday, took the training wheels off his rad little BMX bike. We're still working on his poppa wheelie skills, and I admit slight disappointment in him, but we'll work on it this weekend.

During these couple of weeks, Damian met several new people, including Aunt Quynh from Seattle, and spent some time at his grandparents - hearing Vietnamese and smelling the distinctive kitchen smells of my inlaws for the first time. Aunt Nguyet babysat for the first time so I could take Hoang out for a night on the town. Guys, listen up - here's what you do when you're in a similar situation: We had a "Forbidden night." Before you think I'm going to describe something I shouldn't in public, relax... We just enjoyed a bunch of things pregnant women can't. First and foremost, being alone for a few hours was great. Hoang dressed up and looked beautiful and we went to Barcelona and had a glass of Rioja with an assortment of soft cheeses. Then it was over to Mirusaki for a sushi dinner. As if 3 "forbidden while pregnant" foods weren't enough, we then went to Starbucks and Hoang enjoyed an espresso, straight up. Girl doesn't mess around.

I've received many complaints that I haven't been keeping up with Damian's life - mostly from those of you without kids. For you see, these first couple months are rather uneventful. In fact, I've learned, the more uneventful the better. You just want the child to eat and sleep and grow. Unfortunately, our little Damian had a few issues with these necessities...

I mentioned in a previous essay that he had a penchant for making all sorts of groans and gurgles and other strange sounds. These sounds rarely abated over the first month and at times became rather concerning. He was eating fine and dooting fine and he looked fine - but at times he's ball his little baby fists up, scrunch his little face up in pain, draw his legs to his chest and growl in a rather disquieting way. We started poking around the web and learned that he had some form of colic where he didn't really cry or more likely, a bit of reflux. The poor baby.

More on that in Month 2, coming very soon, I promise. (We've learned to control it pretty decently, so don't worry.) For now, enjoy week's 3 and 4 of our son's life, in pictures:

Watching Uconn win another game with his papa

"Oh, I do declare!"

A typical display of a random Mama T care package: 1 mango, 1 small loaf of bread, 1 bundle of asparagus, 1 box of chocolates, 3 fish cakes, 4 Diet Dr. Peppers

Damian celebrates Black History Month

The static mohawk

Kim Jong Il

"Whatchyou talking about, Willis?"

"I vant to suck your blooooood." (Look closely at his lips)

Note the little baby feet poking out

Aunt Quynh looking HUGE

He's too much, too much.

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