July 29, 2006

Six and One Half Dozen of the Other Months Old

Damian's first year continues to fly by - it's crazy to us that he's already a half a year old. Just. Like. That.

The beginning of his sixth month saw the end of the World Cup Tour which was concluded at little Meghan L's first birthday party. It was a hot day and with so many people cooing over him, Damian played coy and pretty much slept through the festivities.

The beginning of July meant the start of the Tour de France which, despite the fact that cycling appears to be a very dirty sport, we both still enjoyed throughout July. The highlight of the month was a visit from cousins Christine, Joseph, and Rachel from Delaware. The last time they all met up was back in May; when Damian was a bit too young to interact. However, as you'll see below, he apparently remembers the way Rachel treated him and exacted some delicious revenge.

The visit was fun for all, as we went up to Magic Wings and enjoyed the butterflies. Damian's cousins had fun at our house and we all enjoyed the visit, but once they were back on the road to home, Damian appeared a bit relieved. After all, who were those people anyway and why weren't you devoting all your attention to me?! Fair enough, son, fair enough.

In July, I moved over to a new role at work where I now manage 15 people (same company, same department) which has been rather time-consuming as you can imagine. So that's why the BV updates are slow and short, unfortunately - at least until I fully get my bearings at work.

As for Bubby, he took it pretty easy the rest of the month, practicing new skills like sitting up, rolling over from his fat belly, "talking," grabbing more precisely, and wooing the girls. Thus far, he seems most adept at that last item. But we'll catch up with the other stuff this month!

(And by the way, Hoang has eased up on the "Bubby" thing and seems to now be stuck on, "JuJu Bear." I'll never figure that woman out. Also, I have no idea why he seems to be wearing the same blue tank top so often. I swear he has more than 3 shirts!)

Celebrating the 4th with Mama T and the Pillsbury Doughboy, of course

One of the billion butterflies at Magic Wings

Yes, that's a real butterfly on cousin Rachel...

...Who later reported it tasted 'just like rice cereal'."

Cousins Rachel, Joseph, and Christine.

Rachel make the first move, stirring the monster that lurks within Damian...

Oh my! the reverse clothesline to piledriver! (The joy on Hoang's face cracks me up.)

Fatty Feet, Fatty Feet.

After a hard day of spitting rhymes and laying down phat beats, Bubby nods off. And what does every hiphop artist enjoy after a long session in the studio? Yes, of course.

I just wanted the document the last time Damian can fit in his little papoose. Barely.

Someone found his toes!

Someone is embarrassed that someone found someone who found his toes!

Oi vey, my life is so tough. Racial Tension headache?

One of my favorite pictures of Damian - the the Tour de France on in the background.

He'll get that whole hand in there yet...

Gearing up for the UConn Football season next month.

Alternative Caption: Our Husky Husky


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