November 26, 2006

Damian: "A Perfect 10" Months

Even before uploading anything, I think I will set the record on number of pictures this month. So why bother with writing anything? I don't know... But I will anyway. Damian celebrated his first Halloween shortly into his 10th month by dressing up in two different outfits (a Devil and a Lobster) and proceeded to Trick or Treat at 2 neighboring houses. Though those aren't the only places to which he "got around."

Hoang and I sent one of the pictures below to some friends and coworkers at work who had asked us to show them his Halloween costume. A few days went by and it became apparent that the picture of me boiling him in a pot was quite a hit around our company. Keep in mind our company employs tens of thousands of people all over the country. Anyway, a few days later Hoang was sent the picture of her husband and baby from someone she knew who didn't know it was her husband and baby. Pretty funny - and somewhat creepy. So who knows - you may have already been sent that picture by someone we don't know.

The early November sports landscape was hopelessly bleak as the Eagles fell apart, the Flyers never got off the ground, and UConn football went nowhere. UConn basketball began, though, and hope has been renewed for the Bubbers. Undeterred, Damian continues to hold out hope for "our" teams. I'm taking bets on if you think he'll see a Philadelphia professional championship before he goes to college. So just let me know.

I celebrated a birthday in November and Damian's gift to me was to go stay at his Grandma's for an evening and Hoang took me out to a movie (we had almost forgotten how to get there!) and a great dinner out. This came on the heels of a week in which Hoang took off from work to watch him 24-7 because Mama T went out to visit her other 3 grandchildren in Southern California. Going back to work after that was tough for Hoang - ss anyone can imagine. It's tough for us just to leave this kid everyday. Just look at him!

For Thanksgiving our little family drove south to see my whole immediate family in Delaware. Damian was a good traveler and even adjusted to sleeping in the new bed pretty well. He was quiet around his crazy cousins but warmed up to his Grandmom and Granddad (my parents) pretty quickly. My mom had him smiling as well as anyone in no time.

At his cousin Rachel's 1st birthday party in Delaware, Damian showed everyone that he can sleep as well as anyone by falling asleep in the midst of 8 little kids screaming and running around. That's my boy! Ok, enough of this yapping, time for some pictures!

"So, Damian, how do you like your first cigar (cookie)?"

"I do say, dear chap, it's quite lovely, mmmm kay?"

The fallen angel looks skyward and contemplates his fate...

...But has fun anyways.

The elusive lobster hides in the sea, avoiding my traps...

But alas, I have caught my crustacean much to his displeasure...

The wily lobster fights back with his formidable pincer claw!

But the wee lobster is no match for this salty dog. Into the pot he goes...

But lo! The lobster's mama saves him from the pot and all is well.

That story cracks him up every time.

Sleeping Beauties

Sick of the Eagles, Bubby sits up and takes notice of his own DVD.

The Bubbers limbers up in preparation for his workout...

...Which consists of a series of squats on the couch. But the real reason I am posting this is to show you the poor boy's swirl of hair.

I love this picture. It makes our house look so big somehow, even though you've now seen that couch and those pillows in a million previous pictures. Time for another "Faces of Damian."

The blank emotional slate to start.

"But Papa, I didn't mean to break the vase. I was just trying to show you how much I love you and Mommy."

"Oi vey, Papa, not that story again."

"La la la la, I don't wanna hear it!"

"Oh boy! I get to go to another museum with you and Edhill!"

Damian joins the Kiss Army

(This is for those of you who didn't get the joke - note his eye above.)

There are those dang pillows again. Oh... and Bubby's standing pretty well.

Every now and again, I can't come up with a suitable caption.

Joe Leiberman impression.

With his cousins Christine, Rachel, and Joseph.

Chubby Cheeks

Remember when Cousin Rachel beat him up in May? And then Damian exacted his revenge in July? The battle continues.

Hoang and I went out to see some friends and Grandmom watched him for the evening. She knows the way to his heart!

Note his deft little pointer finger.

Damian loves typing!

(And his Grandmom of course!)

There's nothin' like ending a long day with a nice relaxing rocking chair.

To watch a video of his computer skills, Check this out!

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