October 27, 2006

Doin' Fine at Nine (Months)

I won't say it. I refuse to say it. I can't say it... okay - Time FLIES when you have a kid. There, I said it. It's so corny but it's so true too. I can't believe it's been a whole month now since his last monthly entry. We've all had a very busy month and it's only going to get crazier with the upcoming holiday season. Damian's social life took off a bit as his Uncle Ron and Stephanie visited us for a weekend. He was a bit shy and awkward at first, but after a while he was all smiles for Steph. Right around the time of their visit, Damian started consistently sleeping through the night without one of us having to get up.

Over the course of the month he also decided that whatever was within near-reach; he just had to have. Anything and everything - we haven't had a dangerous mishap yet, though he has dumped water on himself and has almost broken several glasses and dishes - all great fun for him.

His little personality is coming out more and more and while everyone has an opinion on who he looks like (we've heard it all - he has Hoang's father's head, my dad's dimples, and everything else in between Hoang and I.) But his personality is also a mix of ours; he definitely has our calm demeanors (which is nice), but I can tell he's going to be a little scamp like his mother. (Although, very much unlike his mother, he's quite a morning person.)

We all went to an OktoberFest party at our friend's Kyle's and Hans's house. Despite the cold and wind, Damian was great and even made a few new friends. We went to a wedding and had his 9 month check-up. All is well except a small ear infection that we didn't even know existed. (That's him being tough like his dad.)

While we try to severely limit any TV on around him, we can't help but notice that he really does seem to watch football longer and more intently than anything else. I'm serious. And yes, he WILL be an Eagles fan. I figure, if I've lived a life of Eagles misery, it'll be nice to have someone here in CT to share that with. Am I right?

You can tell I banged this out in 4 minutes (literally). So just enjoy the pictures already.

Which is fatter? His belly or his hand?

"Please dear Lord, no more vegetables!"

This picture is funny/cute for a couple reasons. Note the hat is inside out.

Note that neither Hoang nor I noticed.

Note my mom noticed and dug out an old picture of yours truly rocking the very same hat 33 years ago.

Aside from tearing up magazines, the TV remote is his favorite toy. It's always an adventure turning on the TV and seeing what show TiVo is recording or what crazy setting Damian has changed.

And even though we don't really let him watch TV, he knows the remote is used to turn it on. So after he pushes a button or two, he's always looking to see if the TV turned on. Cracks me up.

Too bad it's a blurry shot; our matching ducktails in the morning!

Damian helping his mama read his birthday card to her.

Here's what he thinks of you.

Just kidding.

We have a million pictures of him with his eyes shut or half-way there. I delete most of them but saved this one because, well... because he just looks naturally Asian in it.

This picture is for KO and his wife, Jenny. This isn't the place for inside jokes, but in this case, it's worth it.

Damian studies everything before...

...Jamming whatever it is into his mouth. Fortunately it was edible for once.

The loves of my life both looking lovely at a wedding

Bubby's first chopstick attempt - during which he nearly poked his eye out. He is only half Asian, y'know.

There's just something about a beautiful woman in a black designer dress and heels changing a dirty diaper. Maybe it's just me.

Whooooooo's got a duck on his head? After a nice relaxing warm bath, Bubby likes to...

Enjoy the latest Newsweek and look ahead to next month. Until then...

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