July 04, 2007

Life's a Beach, Then You Eat Applesauce

The Bubbers' whirlwind life continues... another trip to Delaware to see his grandparents, a bunch of museums, some hiking, a visit from his grandparents, mobility, new foods, swimming pools, the beach... let's get to it.

So happy in his little outfit.

This shirt reminds me of how many times I misspell "accommodating".

After a long and cold winter, Damian was excited to just be outside in April

Tip toeing through the tulips

"Hello? Damian? You left your dog outside."

Too bad he's too short to let her in

Striking a pose. Seriously, he's just a good-looking kid, and so poised and mature and well behaved and...

... And likes to lick public windows. What of it?

Happy Mother's Day!

This turnip DID just fall off the truck

This picture is better with sound effects - something like "VVVwwwoooosss!"

The Bubbers ate a lot of IAMS before he decided they didn't taste all that good.

Some random cat in Essex, CT

Enjoying his shad at the Essex shad festival

Even when you only have 4 teeth, dental hygeine is important.

After tossing my rocks for a while, Damian actually became a helpful weeder...

...And he's also become a helpful little assistant, dutifully handling the family budget...

...And he's always coming up with new ideas, like, "What did I look like last Father's Day?

Like this. What about this Father's Day?

Like this.

Elizabeth Park

Really... Do I have to write anything here?

We've been working on our operatic duet

A big giant foot to the ribs really cracks 'im up

The boy likes his applesauce

Damian is already 10 times tanner than I've ever been.
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