May 25, 2003

Our Wedding

Hoang and I were married at the Webb Barn in Old Wethersfield on May 25th, 2003. Fun was had by all and just to put it in writing somewhere, Hoang deserves all the credit in the world for planning and pulling the whole thing off. From the homemade invitations (2 versions in Vietnamese and English) to the placecards (EdHill's did actually say, "EdHill"), to the flowers and all the Barn decorations - amazing that it wasn't professionally handled. And on top of that, she looked stunning in her two (traditional and Asian-traditional) wedding dresses. Certainly no need to "recap" the wedding here, so I'll just send you to the photographer's website for a slideshow of "our day." This was our photographer's second wedding - ever - so keep that in mind! (What's funny is that the 2006 slideshows are 15 minutes long with 1000 pictures. Ours is 2 minutes long with 40 pictures. Oh well. And I still like our wedding song - on the slideshow - for what it's worth.)

Our wedding slideshow

Now for the true purpose of this post - to get you to the honeymoon!

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