May 26, 2003

Honeymoon in Hawaii

Ahhhhhh, Hawaii. What better place to write and dream about than our 50th state as we enter the deep, dark, dank cold of another Connecticut winter? I certainly can't think of any. And what better occasion to reminisce about than our Honeymoon, now that we are "tied down" with a baby and a house and all that stuff? Again, I certainly can't think of any. And so, please join me on a trip through the halcyon days of our first Hawaiian trip together, way back in 2003 - Yet another perfectly planned and executed (by me) vacation. In fact, a coworker of mine used this itinerary for her honeymoon a couple years later, believe it or not.

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Honeymoon Trip Itinerary

Day One: Tuesday May 27, There are Only 29 Hours in a Day, Y'know!
Day Two: Wednesday May 28, Ahhhhhhhhhhh...
Day Three: Thursday May 29, Waimea Canyon is Just Grand!
Day Four: Friday May 30, In a Land Called Hanalei
Day Five: Saturday May 31, Aloha Kauai! Aloha Big Island!
Days Six and Seven: Sunday & Monday June 1 and 2, Go South Young Man (and Woman)

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