November 18, 2004

Weird Thanksgiving Road Trip

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I couldn't come up with a better name for this 10 day trip Hoang and I took together. But hey, it was a really strange trip. The ultimate purpose of it was to see my family in Delaware over the long Thanksgiving weekend - normally only a 5 hour (not 5 day) drive. The secondary purpose was to bag 3 more state highpoints (Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia). The third purpose was to challenge myself to plan an itinerary that would be interesting enough to keep my wife from running off with one of the Amish boys we saw and live the rest of her life with someone who would never take her on long road trips with such questionable (at best) motives. Let's see, drive across the entire breadth of PA (shiver), then explore extreme western Maryland (shudder) and eastern West Virginia (shake) before driving back east to Delaware for several days (full on seizuring). No wonder the girls are all so jealous of Hoang, huh? Really, I always feel badly for her when she has to explain this stuff to her family and friends. So perhaps I overcompensated in my planning and came up with some pretty wacked out things to see and do. Much of this trip was touched on in the state highpoint reports, so if you've already read them, expect some repetition here - but with more pictures.

Day 1; "Jesus Christ, That Must've Hurt!"
Day 2; "Pennsylvania Horse and Buggies Me Out"
Day 3: "The Wrights And Wrongs Of Architecture"
Day 4: "Oh Deer, It's Huntin' Time"
Day 5: "If I were Native American, I'd Sioux"
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