May 23, 2001

Pacific Northwest 2001

Today is a brisk autumn day in 2005 as I begin to write about and attempt to recapture some of the magic that was our first real vacation together. I didn't keep any notes from the trip, but I saved the itinerary and a few random brochures from our travels. And, of course, there are pictures. Using these clues as well as some maps, I will do my best to piece together a trip from almost five years ago. Since we took two trips out there in two years, it's somewhat difficult to separate the memories. But then I realized, you people don't really care about what we did on one day versus another - just that we did it, right? But damnit, I do, and since I long ago realized I do this pretty much for myself, my OCD nature compels me to investigate using all available clues. So, without further delay, enjoy our first trip to the beautiful Pacific Northwest (WA, OR, and Vancouver, BC).

Trip Itinerary
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Day 1: Two Tickets To Paradise
Day 2: To Seattle, On a Lark
Day 3: Finding Our Groove in the 'Couv

Day 4: Like a Troubling Bridge Over Water
Day 5: D-Day 2001: Beachers, Germans, and War
Day 6: An Octopus, a Seagull, and T. rex
Day 7: The Day Our Lives Changed Forever
Day 8: Who Goes to a Bookstore on Vacation?
Days 9 and 10: USSR - Union of Seattle Socialist Republic

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